Apple TV: Finder Hiding Widget

by Erica Sadun

So here it is. The proof of concept Finder Hiding widget. So why did I bother? What's the big idea? It goes basically like this: Apple TV (and, presumably the upcoming iPhone) can run many Intel Mac OS X applications because Apple TV is, essentially, an OS X computer that runs a slight variant on the OS. However, Finder wants to take over and control the way users interact with the unit. It refuses to hide, it refuses to hand over control to another app.

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Grace Burns
2007-04-23 15:03:33
"variant" is misspelled above.

Also, what do you mean "More after the jump..." That sentence makes no sense in any context.

Erica Sadun
2007-04-23 18:11:49
Grace, thanks for the spelling catch. As for "More after the jump" it refers to the Mac blog here at O'Reilly. Only the first paragraph appears and you must click to jump to the entire article. I'm guessing that perhaps you read this over an RSS feed. Best regards.
2007-04-24 00:09:39
Erica... I'm a bit stuck with this one. I couldn't get it to show up in the ATV interface after installing in the normal manner. I have the quit.frappliance plugin also installed - is there only room for one plugin, or can I have both at the same time? Any other suggestions?
2007-04-24 00:16:34
OK, got it working! Now how do I return to the ATV interface after using this?
2007-04-24 23:39:16
Have you looked at iRed Lite?
How about this approach
1. A plugin launches iRed Lite and hides the Finder
2. Have configs in iRed Lite launch other apps and control them
3. when you are done you run an app from iRed Lite that starts the Finder again

Unfortunately the last time I did NextStep programming was in 1992, and have forgotten it all. And I just built a Hackint0sh over the weekend to get into it again. All the macs I own are PPC.

2007-04-26 00:22:12
I took both your ideas, running any perl script and this and made a new plugin that will let you run any app if you add it to a config file. I have posted it here

This technique is a pain though because debugging is very difficult, I usually vnc into atv. but this somehow runs apps on a layer that vnc can't see.

Thanks for the great ideas and tutorials.

2007-04-26 01:20:50
Here's something I've noticed while playing with the ATV that may help. If you remove the ripstop.plist and unload the watchdog.kext, you can then run any application without the Finder getting in the way - as long as you first open the desired application, then kill the Finder. When you quit your application, the Finder restarts automatically. Since discovering this, I haven't had to replace my
Anyway, it's a bit moot now with your new frappliance. Thank you so much.
2007-09-10 14:36:23
Why does it hides Finder not every time? Sometimes everything is ok (I running VLC from my frapp) with the code above, but sometimes Finder just fades out and next momentary fades in, capturing the whole display and looping in [myTask waitUntilExit]! I have sound from VLC, but no video…

Any ideas? Thank you!