Apple TV: Streaming Internet Radio

by Erica Sadun

Over at AppleTVBBS, poster mtech figured out how to stream Internet radio using VLC. He installed a copy of VLC and my perlbin plug-in and then created individual "station" files in /Users/frontrow/perlbin along the following lines:

use strict;
use warnings;
my $status = system("/Users/frontrow/");

According to a follow-up post, you can also create a pls playlist for use with the ATVFiles plug-in.


2007-04-25 12:28:46
its interesting but we need tp figure out a clean model of getting things in box withouth sshing. I wonder if we could leverage bits of a Democracy to monitor subscription lists and download things based on subscriptions and also build play lists automatically
2007-04-26 14:11:57
has anyone tried getting the apple tv to work like an airport extreme? see this article