Apple Updates Remote Desktop

by Tom Bridge

In a move that has sysadmins who've been holding their breath for a new MacBook Pro or Intel iMac jumping for joy, Apple has released Remote Desktop 3, now in Universal form, and featuring several new sysadmin-targeted widgets for Tiger. There appears to be no upgrade path, which annoys me a great deal, but the price is the same as it was at $249 ($149 education) for 10 seats and $499 ($299 education) for unlimited seats.

This is one of the last pieces for me, as a MacBook guy, that is falling into place with the new system. All I need now is a blogging client and an IRC client in Universal form, and I'm good to go! Oh... And an office suite...


Tamas Jakab
2006-04-11 06:56:14
About that Universal blogging client:
Marcus Peaston
2006-04-11 07:11:35
Great news about Remote Desktop 3, although it's not of any use to myself.

In regards to the blogging and IRC clients, do you have any particular need for them to be Universal applications? While it would be nice, neither seems to be particularly taxing applications so Rosetta surely would be quite sufficient. As far as I am concerned MS Office:mac 2004 seemed to run faster under Rosetta on a MacBook Pro than it did on my PowerBook (Ti 1Ghz) so a MacBook Pro will be a winner for me even without Universal applications. However, I'm waiting for the 64-bit Merom-based MacBook Pros that should be making an appearance some time in the autumn...

Eric Christopher
2006-04-11 07:48:56
Colloquy has a universal binary I've been using for a few months now and is a great OSX irc client:

2006-04-11 07:56:18
ARD wasn't first. Other universal system admin-like tools include LanRev ( and Timbuktu ( It's great that ARD is now available too, but there are other companies that make Mac software besides Apple!
2006-04-11 10:26:15
Colloquy is a dandy IRC client that's available as a uiniversal binary.