Apple versus Real

by brian d foy

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Real Networks wants to use its Harmony stuff to let iPod owners put stuff on their iPods. Apple is being a big poopyhead about it.

This reminds me that I'd really like to stream Real content over the Airport Express. I guess Apple is going to be a poopyhead about that too, now.


2004-07-30 07:44:12
O'Reilly Professionalism?
I'd like to get some good solid information about the arguments on both sides, but apparently the bloggers at O'Reilly are being poopyheads. :-)
2004-07-30 10:10:31
O'Reilly Professionalism?
You can read all you like about it on the Apple and Real websites. Google can help you find the stories.

I don't work for O'Reilly Media, by the way.

2004-08-01 13:15:53
Why crack the iPod
I don't understand the whole issue.

Why doesn't Real just sell files in formats that can be imported into iTunes?

2004-08-03 08:18:40
O'Reilly Professionalism?
Here's one summary. The problem is that this is not about music or data or formats, it is about proprietary DRM schemes.

Real could put its music on the iPod without violating the DMCA, but it would have to pay Apple for FairPlay or otherwise remove its own DRM to do it. But we can't remove DRM, that would be nutty!

The upshot of what Real is doing is that when they make the songs work with FairPlay, we can use hymn to disable the DRM, perhaps.