by Rael Dornfest

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Apple has a marvelous new "Switch" compaign, with
Top 10 reasons, answers to Top 10 questions,
stories -- emails from folks just like you who've switched from PC to Mac --, a
Guide to switching, and an ad campaign featuring writers (like Mark Frauenfelder of
BoingBoing), sysadmins, DJs, PR consultants, et al.

More people are interested in switching from PCs to Macs than ever before. See why they made the change and how easy it was.

A New York Times article on the campaign quotes Steve Jobs on Apple's delicate dance with Microsoft: '"Our relationship with Microsoft is really pretty good," Mr. Jobs said. "What's a few market-share points between friends? It wouldn't matter to them, and we would be eternally grateful."'

Switched? Considering the switch? Why? Why not? Why now? Why not yet?


2002-06-10 23:18:51
Switching is easier with friends
I'm in a work area right now where a number of people have bought their own iBooks and are using Mac OS X for the first time. I'm really enjoying listening to their conversations back and forth about how to do "this and that" in a totally unfamiliar operating system.

For the most part, the former Windows users have adapted quite well. I can tell there are a few things they miss, but their new found joy of computing really seems to outweigh the missing "delete" key. Not one of them would even consider going back to Windows.

But having friends to learn the new OS with seems to be a real benefit. So my advice to switching is this: do it with a buddy. You'll have a blast, and it will be so much easier.

Heck, that's the way we all learned the Mac, right? :)

2002-09-26 10:58:40
apple switch
what is differance in mac,microsoft systems. is mac that much better?