Apple's Boot Camp Running Smoothly

by Kevin Hemenway

Installed Apple's Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro 2GHz machine today, and everything went swimmingly: Windows XP and the Mac drivers (ATI video card, wireless, sound card, etc.) installed, and no difficulties along the way. I had some initial problems connecting to my wireless network, but that seems related to the WEP key - if I disable WEP encryption from the shared Airport connection, I can connect with little problem. I've grown used to doing this anyways when I connect via my PSP or Nintendo DS. Dunno why, and don't really care - if I walk outside I can't reach the network, so I'm not too concerned about interlopers and it'd only be off for a very limited time anyways.

And, really, that's the sole reason I've got Windows XP installed now: gaming. While I had every intention of attempting the same feat when the project hacked together a video driver, Apple just plumb ol' made them irrelevant. Since I'll still (naturally) be using OS X for Everything Else, I only set the WinXP partition size to 25 GB, which allowed me to format it as FAT32, which means OS X can read and write to it. And that it does: once I rebooted back into Tiger, there was the new partition already mounted, to which I started copying some files I had been downloading just for the occasion.

Games ahoy!


2006-04-05 21:21:16
WEP Keys
Your problem with WEP keys might be related to the fact that OS X, Linux and Windows all convert text passwords into actual WEP keys using different algorithms, so using text passwords means they can't interoperate. You need to use the hex key directly instead.


2006-04-05 21:24:32
WEP Keys
Good to know, but I don't actually have a Base Station with which to follow these instructions with - I just have a wired router connected to the primary Mac, which then shares that connection via its Airport card. I'm not a big network person.
2006-04-07 12:21:04
Airport admin
You should be able to find the hex key in your airport admin utility - even without a base station, I think this works.
2006-04-07 20:12:58
I believe the problem with the Airport may be the type of encryption you've chosen. I have my Airport Express set to 128-bit WEP with a 13-character (text) password and it works fine with my Nintendo DS. I assume it should work with a Windows machie as well, which is why I chose WEP over WPA2. If you have it set to WPA2 it may not work with non-Mac things because it is too new.
2006-05-01 05:02:24
Other suggestion: the text you entered, and that is converted into the WEP key, was longer than needed. Different products have different ways of dealing with this. Solution is to use a short(er) text to generate your WEP key.
2006-05-22 19:43:53
Check this article for your OSX wep-key problems.
2006-08-13 19:01:00
I had no problem in installing the Windows XP on my MacBool Pro using the first Boot Camp beta version.

But I have had the following problems when running the WinXP on the MacBook Pro:

The soundcard is not working - no sound device being detected
The "del" key is not working
Screen savers have never been activated

Can anyone suggest how I can fix them?

Million thanks

2006-10-30 21:24:53
I was having the same problem where I couldn't get windows to recognize my soundcard. It wouldn't play on the headphones. I updated boot camp to version 1.1.2 and it corrected the headphone problem.