Apple's Silent Contribution

by James Duncan Davidson

"Out thoughts are with those who were affected by the recent tragic events" says Apple's home page along with a link to the American Red Cross. Any statement like this from a company is usually either a show that there are really humans working there, or just a crass attempt at commercialism in disguise. In this case, there's more to the story.

An Apple spokesperson confirmed for MacCentral that the company was donating a million dollars to help the families of the rescue workers lost in the collapse of the World Trade Center. As well, Apple will be kicking in an iBook to each of the families that have children.

As nice as this is, what I am impressed by is the total lack of PR from Apple about this. No press releases. No statements on Apple's site. And not much on the web about it besides the MacCentral article and a mention to it by As The Apple Turns. It truely is a gesture of help on Apple's part. One that isn't ruined by the urge to show up the competition. One that is a pure and simple gesture of sympathy and help.

Here's an unsolicited "Thank You" to Apple for this. It's things like these that make me happy that I'm an Apple stockholder as well as a customer.