Apple's Switchers Campaign Getting Through

by Derrick Story

I spent the better part of yesterday hanging around the Orthopedic clinic at the University of San Francisco Medical Center. In these situations I take my TiBook and write -- in part because I'm compulsive, but also because I get very bored sitting around for hours waiting for the medical world to grind through its paces.

I had on a black, long sleeve Polo shirt, Levi blue jeans, black belt, and black leather shoes. I wear wire rim glasses when I write. Generally I look for chairs in the waiting room that don't have arms so I can sit with the TiBook on my lap and type.

OK, so here I am doing my Mac thing in the waiting room and this lady keeps looking at me. (No not that way!) More like I'm some kind of convict or something. So, I start looking back at her hoping she'll spill the beans.

She goes to get a drink of water and on her way back she asks me if I'm the guy she's seen on TV, you know the one that likes Mac computers. I politely tell here that I'm not an actor in real life, but have been known to put on a good show when caught doing something wrong.

Now she thinks I'm weird and decides to sit somewhere out of view.

Then, a while later I'm in an actual exam room, still dressed the same, still working on my TiBook, and the white coats come in. They're chatting away with the patient while I work, and then one of them stops and asks me, "Hey, are you the guy on TV who switched from Windows to Mac?"

Based on my earlier experience, I decided to answer more directly and said, "No, I'm not one of those people who you've seen on TV, but from what I know, they're everyday people like me."

Then one of the doctors exclaims, "Boy, that's a nice looking computer!"

I'm thinking afterwards, Apple has done it again. This series of ads has crept into the consciousness of a segment of our population, and they have lingered there. Not only are the ads themselves sticking, but the types of people, and to some degree, what they look like and the clothes they are wearing.

I don't know how many computers the Switchers campaign will ultimately sell, but I do believe that Apple will continue to be a very recognizable brand. And from what I know about business, that's half the battle.

"My name's Derrick Story, and I'm a photojournalist."


2002-10-22 14:55:30
and the clothes?
So I read the whole thing and I still don't understand why you described what you were wearing.
2002-10-22 15:40:27
Jobsian clothes
I think the point was that the clothes are very much like what Steve Jobs wears when he delivers a keynote at Macworld......
2002-10-22 20:09:16
and the clothes?
Take a look at the characters featured in the ads and you'll understand why.
2002-10-23 01:45:07
Get yourself a sticker !
Some mainstream Apple users have obviously not received their "bumper" stickers proudly stating "Apple user since 1990!". This is designed to fit neatly onto the back of the laptop screen and is available in a variety of colors :-)
2002-10-23 06:13:00
and the clothes?
I'm trying to figure out which character they think you look like - the closest match is a bald guy with glasses. :)