AppleScript, AlphaTrack, and the MIDI Stroke Joke

by David Battino

When Electronic Musician magazine asked me to write a tips article about the Frontier Design AlphaTrack, I was intrigued by the challenge. What could I possibly say about a $200 USB volume slider? I composed the first line in my head before the box even arrived: A controller with just one fader? Isn't that like a piano with just one key?

AlphaTrack-angle.jpg Frontier Design AlphaTrack

The Frontier AlphaTrack adds a motorized fader, transport controls, knobs, buttons, and a ribbon controller to your computer. It's powered by USB.

The magazine cut that line, but I quickly answered my own question by plugging the AlphaTrack in to my Mac and sniffing its output with Snoize MIDI Monitor. Lots of possibilities there!


2008-07-20 18:20:01
Could I touble you to tell me what message it sends when you 'touch' the fader.
David Battino
2008-07-20 18:37:20
Rob: Unfortunately, I no longer have an AlphaTrack on hand, but you can easily sniff its output with midiStroke (Mac), Bome's MIDI Translator (Win), or any MIDI sequencer.