April Fools: TheServerSide Bought by Microsoft

by Dion Almaer

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One good thing about developers is that they know how to have a laugh. TSS decided to do a goofy April Fools post saying that they got bought by MS. The funniest part is when you see people who really believe it! Are there any other funny april fools sites this year?


2003-04-01 08:42:12
gentoo moves to rpm

cracked me up this morning when i read the weekly newsletter.

2003-04-01 09:00:26
CPAN Acquired By Matt Wright
Check out www.cpan.org if you don't believe ;-)
2003-04-05 17:09:22
surprising after the Pet Store debacle
MS doesn't need to buy TSS. TSS is already "working" for them.