April Parrot Progress

by chromatic

Parrot, the virtual machine designed for Perl 6 and other dynamic languages, will have its monthly bug day on 14 April. Contributors will be present in #perl on irc.perl.org all day to answer questions, to give guidance, and to close all tickets for the Parrot 0.4.11 release.

If you're in the northwest, come by the Portland Perl Mongers April 2007 Meeting. I'll talk about the implementation and design of Parrot, its compiler tools for hosting languages on Parrot, and give a short tutorial about its native PIR programming language.

By the end of the talk, you'll know how to hack on Parrot. If you have a language you'd like to port, you want to help port an existing language, or you have a platform more exotic than x86 Linux and a modicum of skills with Perl or C, we'd love to see you in IRC or at Free Geek next Wednesday night. Both is good too.