AquaLess for OS X

by Steve Mallett

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The simplest hacks are sometimes the most pleasant.

AquaLess will open a file seperate from the terminal in a text editor so you don't have to open another terminal to read the file with 'less'.


What's not to like?


2003-03-11 06:59:09
Why not just go with open "blah.txt" &, which would send it to TextEdit for viewing? Or you could use the screen command and then Ctrl+A, Ctrl+N to switch between panes. Just seems like there are already other ways to get similar results that don't require a whole new app :)
2003-03-11 09:10:51
Re: But...
Apparently you've never tried to open files which are several megabytes in size with TextEdit, nor had the need to page through the log of a very long build as it progresses.

That said, it looks to me that AquaLess does not deal well with large amounts of output, and doesn't appear to support searching through growing output. It's a great idea, but will need a bit of love to make it complete. (I love the Hex dump idea.)

2003-03-11 11:21:32
included with bbedit is a 'command line tool' which lets you type: bbedit httpd.conf in order to open the file in bbedit. Handles large text files just fine and also lets you deal with files which need admin access etc.