Archiving Kodak Photo CDs into Aperture

by Derrick Story


I've been in the middle of an archiving project where I'm organizing all of my early digital images into Aperture. Yesterday, I found myself staring at a stack of Kodak Photo CDs from the early 1990s wondering what to do with them. The problem is, Kodak encoded these pictures in a proprietary format that Aperture can't read.

But fear not... in the back of my mind I remembered that iPhoto could import files from Kodak Photo CDs. After a quick test, I learned that it still could, and the imported images were a healthy 3072 x 2048 with a file size around 7 MBs. Not bad!

I've detailed the workflow in the article, Importing Kodak Photo CDs into Your iPhoto or Aperture Library. In just a few hours, I've managed to bring all those images into my 1990s Aperture Library, changed the file names, added metadata, and moved on to the next stack of mysterious discs stashed in the corner of my studio.


Francois Couderc
2007-04-24 14:57:29
dear Derrick,
I am not sure I agree with your workflow, unless the challenge is to use only Apple software. Iphoto converts the pictures to JPG. I recall that Kodak Photo CDs┬┤pictures needed sometimes heavy color correction, so I would prefer a photoshop action to convert Kodak pictures to Tif 16bits and then import them in Aperture.

br, Francois

Bob Bradfield
2007-04-28 11:30:44
Derrick, Francois Couderc makes a good suggestion to avoid pics being changed to jpegs when imported into Iphoto on the way from Kodak Photo CD's to Aperture. Is there such an animal?