Are Research Analysts Objective?

by Steve Anglin

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Related link:

Are Research Analysts objective? I'm not sure. But there does appear to be more questions than answers, especially when you consider the Forrester Report Brief on SunONE.

SunONE seems to be a viable Web Services platform strategy. I'm sure the others in this report are as well. My problem, though, is not SunONE. It's this report brief from Forrester.

When you read the brief in the link provided, you'll see that most of its language is marketing. Perhaps, they are just doing this in the brief to sell the report. But perhaps, they're not. Therefore, I challenge Forrester to make the full report on SunONE or other Web Services platform available to me for review.

My readers would certainly like to know how objective or subjective you are. I know that the same questions appear to be persistent regarding Equity Analysts with investment banks. Are Equity Analysts objective when they rate a company's stock, especially if that company/stock was underwritten or supported in any way by the Analysts' investment bank.

There are many questions, few answers. The one answer I can think of is in Forbes Magazine. Prudential Securities is splitting its brokerage/investment banking operations from its analyst offerings. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this.