Armed and Ready in Downtown Salt Lake City

by M. David Peterson

SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: What follows below is 100% my own opinion, though there are several facts contained in the text as well. Please also note, if you have no interest in reading things of a (somewhat) political nature (though there are no mentions of political affiliations, and instead, standard constitutional rights here in the United States), then there's a chance you may not be interested in what follows.

That said, I do believe that the topic of "The New Media", which is the primary focus of this post, represents technology quite well. From "affordable-to-the masses" professional quality audio and video equipment, to the web feeds in which provide subscription based access to this information for on-demand delivery directly to your desktop, there is a MASSIVE shift that has both taken place, and is continuing to take place in the way news is being gathered, reported, and accessed -- all made possible via this wonderful "little" invention called XML.

To those of you behind both the original development of XML, the current and ongoing efforts at refinement, as well as the ongoing efforts to build and extend upon this wonderful technology... Thanks!

And to all of you... Thanks for reading!

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