Ask Erica

by Erica Sadun

I found your conversation on beats per minute and wondered if you have come up with something? I'm trying to make a running cd with about 92 bpm. I still need to give the updated beaTunes a try, but recently I've been working out to Marina's podcasts (most are $0.99 each) and Podrunner (free podcast). The Marina ones are very girly--lots of verbal support and encouragement. I like it, but others may not. Also, the very loud intro when you go from one segment to another can be really jarring. Both Marina and Podrunner are available in a wide range of bpm's.

How long will it take for the Leopard preview DVDs to get sent to ADC members? Hey, don't look at me. I have not a Single Clue--and Apple is spectacularly unhelpful about these queries. As I know from personal experience.

Your write up on "Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!" was very helpful. I couldn't believe how simple it was to do. I thought it would be more complex like buying expensive gadgets, a tuner or some sort of converter. The article was even reader friendly for a Neanderthal such as me to comprehend. lol Thanks again for your input on getting output to my TV! Thank you! (And no, I did not pay this reader to write this!)

How do I buy an iTune and convert it to a ringtone? Me? I just use the least offensive ringtone that came with my phone. To grab the iTune, you can use the Soundflower audio redirect program to send the output of your iTunes playback to a sound recording program or take advantage of Audio Hijack's capture software.

I repeatedly get no burn and a "Multiplexing" error [when burning a disc with iDVD]. Can you suggest what is going wrong? Make sure you've got enough room on your primary hard drive to build the entire project (at least 4.3 GB for a standard 1-hour DVD, more for dual-layer), and use good quality brand name disc blanks (such as Verbatim). More information here.