Aspect-oriented programming for web pages, and other thoughts from XML 2007

by Andy Oram

I spent yesterday at the XML 2007 conference in Boston. It's smaller than last year's conference, which is a shame because I liked the sessions I attended better than last year's. The knowledge and skills of the attendees as well as the presenters seemed impressive. Here are a few musings that resulted.


Matt Turner
2008-01-11 07:18:51
Andy - great post on OOXML its exciting to see people picking up on the overall concept that its just an XML format and now out of Microsoft's control.

I'm writing to let you know that it was me and not Kelly Stirman that gave this presentation. I also covered the topic on my blog at which includes the slides.

I'm interested in what your colleague thought was invalid - I was manipulating XML with XQuery the whole way through so not sure what he was pointing out and I'd like to know.

Thanks in advance,