by Todd Ogasawara

Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX logoPort 25's Michael Francisco let us know that...

ASP.NET AJAX Released!

And, Port 25's Sam Ramji provides a 20 minute video interview with ASP.NET Technical Evangelist Steve Marx in...

A Technical Look at ASP.NET AJAX

ASP.NET AJAX is probably exactly what you might guess from its name. It is a freely downloadable AJAX framework for use with the ASP.NET platform. You can download it from...


It is a Javascript library that is cross-browser compatible.

It can be used with either the full Visual Studio 2005 or the free...

Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition

You can also download the SQL Server Express Edition and MSDN documentation at the same time (you'll need just shy of 2GB free for all this stuff).

Or, you can choose to use your own tools. According to the ASP.NET AJAX documentation: However, you do not require Visual Studio 2005 to use ASP.NET AJAX to create ASP.NET Web applications.

You can install and use the Microsoft AJAX Library without the .NET Framework. You can also install it on non-Windows environments to create client-based Web applications for any browser that supports ECMAScript (JavaScript).
In fact, you don't even need to use Microsoft Windows to make use of this library.

You can, for example, look at the...

PHP for Microsoft AJAX Library

...on the Microsoft CodePlex site.

ASP.NET AJAX is licensed under the...

Microsoft Reference License (Ms-RL)

...which is apparently similar to the BSD license (I'm not a licensing expert :-). However, while you can modify the library for internal use (if I'm reading the Ms-RL license correctly), Microsoft will not be taking community contributed changes into the production codebase.