Assorted Drupal Thoughts and Activities

by Todd Ogasawara

I use Drupal to power both a personal site (my OgasaWalrus Freeware and Open Source apps blog) and an Intranet blog in my office. So, I was more than a little envious when I read Garrett Serack's mini trip report for Drupalcon 2008.

How a cowboy spends two days in Boston: Drupalcon 2008

Drupal's been attracting quite a bit of attention over the past year or two. And, the commercial support available for the product is a good for the product's long term survival and growth. Several Drupal's main figures (including its creator - Dries Buytaert) formed Acquia last year to provide value-added software products and services for the Drupal social publishing system. SpikeSource provides a for-fee Drupal sandboxed package (with Apache, PostgreSQL, and PHP) for Linux and Windows called Drupal SpikeIgnited.

Chris Pirollo just announced his Drupal-based community social network platform project. Check out his blog and videocast to learn more about this project.


2008-03-28 15:06:16
I suggest using genuine Perl CMS only. Why? Because they are safer, faster and less buggy. Drupal and other php CMS systems were created mainly for kids and webdesigners who find the original Perl language to difficult to learn. It does not take to account the fact that Perl has been there longer and is supplemented with millions of scripts and addons!

I use WebAPP CMS from: because its both written in PURE Perl and the fantastic 24/7 supporting community.