Asterisk@Home for the enterprise

by Carla Schroder

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The name is misleading- Asterisk@Home is a dynamite prefab PBX/VoIP/messaging server on a single CD that is perfect for business use. It incorporates excellent graphical management tools, SugarCRM, fax support, home automation support, OpenSSH, Festival Speech engine, and bunch more good stuff.

Asterisk@Home considerably shortens the Asterisk learning curve. Asterisk is a great piece of software, but learning your way around its dozens of configuration files, then integrating other software as you need it is a bit of a job.

If you use and like Asterisk@Home, don't forget to click the PayPal link and send them a few bucks!

If you're brand-new to Asterisk and telephony, feel free to follow alone with my adventures as they unfold on Look in the "Solutions" section.


2006-04-03 12:16:10
Don't follow alone...
It probably makes more sense to follow along :-) Of course, that might be just me.
2006-04-03 16:51:00
Don't follow alone...
that's some, er, really clever wordplay. Yeah, that's it!