Atari Classics Remixed

by Brian Jepson

I'm at O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference this week, where everyone's talking about remixing. In between sessions, though, I've been sneaking out to the adjacent mall to pick up two of the Nintendo DS games as they released this week, Yoshi Touch and Go, and Retro Atari Classics.

Both games are fantastic, but the Atari game fits perfectly with the remix theme. With ten classics games faithfully reproduced and with redesigned input that takes advantage of the DS touch screen, it's pretty great to begin with. But every game features a "Remix" button at the top of the launch screen. The remixed versions of the games feature the same gameplay, but with artwork reimagined by well-known artists, including Shepard Fairey, a remixer from way back. Best known for his Obey Giant campaign, Fairey rose to instant fame in Providence when he remixed Buddy Cianci's election billboard by replacing Cianci's face with Andre the Giant's.

Anyone have a picture of that billboard?