Atom Publishing Protocol now an IETF Proposed Standard

by Timothy Appnel

Last week the IETF announced that is had approved the Atom Publishing Protocol to be a Proposed Standard. If you've been waiting for things to get finalized this is it. In my somewhat limited understanding of the standards process, the last step is just a formality that will assign an RFC number and perhaps formatting of the specification document itself.

The Atom Publishing Protocol or simply APP, is the web services part of the Atom Working Group's work. In summary, it's a more advanced (and standardized) version of the Blogger/MetaWeblog APIs and its forms. It's also a sterling example of RESTful API design.

The counterpart to APP is the Atom Syndication Format (ASF) that was approved last year as is now an official standard -- RFC4287. The Atom Syndication Feed is similar in many respects to RSS, but shares the same semantics as APP and many enhancements and clarifications that an international standards process like IETF demand.

Congratulations and thanks go out to the working group that initiated and ushered this vital work along. That's 5 years of work. An eternity in Internet time.

More from work group committee chair Tim Bray here and Sam Ruby (the man who made it all happen) is here.

In other news, glutton for punishment and looking for his next standards body process fix, APP specification author Joe Gregorio has submitted a draft for URI Templates that is based on the system implemented by OpenSearch API. [via DeWitt Clinton]


Keith Fahlgren
2007-07-31 12:41:27
Based on a number of complaints (among them the lack of searchability), the WG and larger Atom Publishing Protocol community hopes that people will stop using the identifier APP in favor of AtomPub.