Atom Publishing Protocol Interop a Success

by Keith Fahlgren

The first interoperability session for Atom Publishing Protocol implementations (both clients and servers) was a success. The best news was that many of the clients and servers were able to interoperate with little to no tweaking despite never having met before. Check out the (evolving) grid of success and failures for details. More than 20 implementors attended the event, held yesterday and today at Google, as well as Lisa Dusseault, the IETF Area Director for APP.


Keith Fahlgren
2007-04-17 20:10:16
Another post from Dave Johnson:
Keith Fahlgren
2007-04-17 20:13:08
A link to the GData Python library
Keith Fahlgren
2007-04-18 06:40:12
Some notes from John Panzer:
Keith Fahlgren
2007-04-18 10:48:55
James Snell has posted a summary and some notes on what the "profiles" I hinted at above would look like:
M. David Peterson
2007-04-18 13:14:03
Nice summary, Keith! Have some pics to post and a summary of my own to write, but that won't be until later tonight once I get a few more things wrapped up.

Was great to finally get a chance to meet you in person!

Keith Fahlgren
2007-04-19 13:27:26
Another great blog post from Joe Gregorio:

I still have to figure out what was up with my client and his server... I blamed the ";", but I'm sure it's really some other mistake I've made.

Keith Fahlgren
2007-04-21 18:28:23
Joe Cheng rounds out the series of follow-up posts: