Aye aye, Sinbad

by Giles Turnbull

There's a new version of Sinbad out, offering a bunch of neat new features.

If you've not used it before, you can think of Sinbad as the alt.Sherlock. It uses a series of modules to help it find information from various web sites and services.

The new version comes with a decent list of pre-installed modules, including access to Craigslist, Wiki Country Facts, and Google Define. I also enjoyed browsing through Wikipedia and the CIA World Fact Book using Sinbad.

Some modules work better than others. In some instances, searching is not possible and you are forced to browse instead. Browsing the Craigslist module worked fine for US locations, but less well for UK cities.

My favorite feature is the preference that lets you choose which Amazon store is searched. Any list of results from any module can be used as the basis for a new Amazon search, and being able to select Amazon UK, rather than Amazon.com, was a major plus for me.