Backing up to S3 with S3 Browser

by Erica Sadun

S3 Browser offers a free open-source tool that allows you to connect to Amazon's Simple Storage Service. With it, you can upload and download data to this online storage service as well as set your access control restrictions for that data.

s3-screenshot-thumb.pngS3 Browser screen shot from the developer. Click to open at full resolution.

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2007-01-23 15:26:18
I think you nailed it: the idea about this application was to have something to play with S3 on the Mac, at least something a bit more integrated than a command-line tool. I was more motivated to provide a basic application to experiment with S3 than coding a S3-based backup/replication/etc software. It does not mean that I won't add more user-oriented features (actually, I plan to do that), but if the app and its code can be useful in itself to "s3-enable" other Mac software, I'd be perfectly happy.
Ned Baldessin
2007-02-10 15:32:40
Panic should really integrate S3 into Transmit, that would be awesome.