Bandwagon: back up your iTunes Library to S3

by Erica Sadun

Remember Bruce's post a few weeks ago about storing his iTunes Library on S3. He said he'd be willing to spend $75 a year to be able to back up his data and access it from anywhere in the world. He was all ready to sign up until the realities of S3 costing dropped into his lap. At $0.20 per GB transfer and $0.15 per GB per month storage, it would end up costing him a lot more that $75/year.

Well, there may now be a solution. Bandwagon (formerly Xacktunes) will offer unlimited S3 storage for your iTunes for only $69/year (at least as an introductory price). No, this isn't a "take it with you anywhere" scheme, but rather a back-it-all-up so you don't lose your purchases when your Mac dies: music, videos, audio books, plug-ins, everything. It doesn't matter whether you rip it yourself or you buy it from iTunes.

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2007-02-16 15:46:35
Check out this blog post. You might be better off using another service that backs up any type of file.
Erica Sadun
2007-02-16 15:52:33
Rom: Thanks for the link. I guess my biggest concerns about using a service like this is that I don't own the (presumably S3) data that they store, so if they go belly-up what happens to my backup data? (Also, I would totally be a loss to them at S3's current data rates.)

One more note. As Rom's linked post points out, Bandwagon is giving out free subscriptions to bloggers who post about them and who display their logo. I deliberately omitted the logo from this post to avoid any issues about self-interest.

2007-02-17 01:14:46
Thanks, Erica! BUT the logo is the most interesting part of Bandwagon. You should have posted it and just informed us that you wrote it not because of the freebie (which we all know anyway). Now the readers will not see the logo here. :)
2007-02-17 14:46:06
This is all well and good, but with my upstream connection, merely transferring 1GB to a server is a 2.5 hour affair.

A service like this is more interesting to me for backing up my family's pictures, videos, and losslessly compressed music archive, but now we're talking at least 500GB or 1250 hours (~50 DAYS) for the initial back-up.

I wish S3 (or a competitor) had a service wherein I could send them DVD's (or better yet, a hard drive) filled to the brim with my media. They could then put it online for me, and I could just send them incremental updates, which would be much more reasonable to transfer over my slow (1Mbps) upstream connection.

Anyone know of such a service?

Erica Sadun
2007-02-17 17:50:19
Rom: Yes, the logo :)
Erica Sadun
2007-02-17 17:54:34
Evan: the whole point is that you don't have to worry about the uploads--or it won't be if they deliver on their promise. Just leave your computer on overnight.

As for your video and photo data, I do regular redundant backups to multiple hard drives. Wouldn't it be really nice if there were a netflix-like service where they'd send you a fresh terrabyte drive once a month, you do your backup, put it into a prepaid mailing container and ship it off for external storage?

2007-02-18 00:26:08
Back-ups are useful if they are fast -- fast to save your data and fast to recover it. What is the point of having to take an entire night just to restore your collection? Besides, what more can they offer once Time Machine is out?
2007-02-18 09:31:15
I could deal with overnight backup, it's over a fortnight that could be challenging.
2007-02-21 10:36:55
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2007-03-23 01:41:13
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2007-04-09 03:19:47
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2007-07-31 19:19:56
@Rom TimeMachine will be great but it can't protect against loss, theft, or catastrophic disk failure, be it due to clumsiness or bad luck. Got a month to go before I'm backed up ;p