Batch Metadata Changes

by Allen Rockwell

Last week I talked about batch changing your images date/time stamp using the Metadata Batch Change dialog. This week I want to explore a few more options available to you in the batch change dialog.

There are several cases where you might want to batch change the metadata of many images at once. Perhaps you did an import in the field and forgot (or didn't have time) to type in the keywords, captions, credit, copyright information or other data that is typical to all the images imported. Or perhaps you did enter all that info but misspelled a keyword or just made a typo in one field or another.

With the Batch Change dialog, available through the Metadata menu, you can either replace or add to (append) data to the data that is already there. In the case of a misspelled keyword you might want to replace the data, in the case of forgotten data you may want to append the data.

Remember when using the replace option you are replacing all the data in that field ... so if you misspelled one keyword and want to replace it you will need to type all the keywords in the field or you will be replacing all the data with only what you have typed in the keywords field.

Hopefully this tip will help you save a lot of time editing individual image metadata.

Until next time,

Keep shooting.

Allen Rockwell
Allen Rockwell Photography