BBEdit 8.2 and Audio Hijack Pro Ready for Tiger

by Chuck Toporek

Two of my favorite apps, BBEdit and Audio Hijack Pro announced this morning that new versions are ready and available -- today -- for Mac OS X Tiger.

The big news for me, though, is that BBEdit 8.2 (a free upgrade for 8.0 owners) comes with a bunch of Automator Actions. This is huge, since this makes BBEdit the first third-party app I know of to ship with Automator Actions. Yeah, sure, BBEdit's got an awesome AppleScript suite, but now having the ability to control it with Automator will certainly help speed up some of my processes here, and I can't wait to dive in and test 'em out.

Click here to download the upgrade for BBEdit 8.2.

Audio Hijack Pro also sees some improvements for Tiger (although I can't test them out yet since I have to wait until tomorrow to get my hands on Tiger), including:

  • Full Mac OS X Tiger compatability

  • Fully AppleScriptable (too bad there's no mention of Automator Actions)

  • New "Radio" Input Source, supporting Griffin's RadioSHARK and D-Link's DSB-R100

  • New "System Audio" Input Source, allowing for optional hijacking and recording of all audio

  • Includes the Application Mixer plugin, to allow input from multiple applications

  • Overlapping Timer detection

  • Disk Status window, showing available disk space on all volumes

  • Many minor additions and bug fixes

Version 2.5 is a free update for registered owners of
Audio Hijack Pro 2. Registered users of Audio Hijack Pro 1.x may upgrade to version 2 for just $10.

Click here to get more info on Audio Hijack Pro.


2005-04-28 13:35:59
top link to Audio Hijack Pro broken
top link to Audio Hijack Pro is broken. bottom one is correct. thanks for the info!
2005-04-28 13:55:25
re: top link to Audio Hijack Pro broken
Damned dyslexia! Link is fixed now; thanks for the prod.