Be Critical

by Steve Simon

I'm quite confident that like me, you probably use the Loupe tool or Z (Zoom to 100 percent) key, to check in on small details as well as check critical sharpness of your photographs.

Here's a little tip that comes in handy when you have several similar images that you want to check detail or focus, all at the same time.

Choose as many images as you want to compare using the shift key so they all come up in the browser. Generally, four is a much as I can handle. Holding down Space Bar and Z key, zooms all photos big. Hold down Shift plus Spacebar and click the mouse or track pad, then by moving the mouse or finger on the pad, you can move all magnified photos at the same time.



It's useful to click on the individual photos, press the spacebar and move each shot into position before moving them all-- so that moving them all allows you to see the same area of the frame. It's a cool and useful feature that comes in handy, particularly when stacking similar frames shot split seconds apart.

Global Health Award

I was honored to pick up the Global Health Award for Media Excellence for my book Heroines and Heroes: Hope, HIV and Africa. The book has been out a few months and all royalties will be going to The Stephen Lewis Foundation. My experiences in Africa have been difficult and inspiring at the same time, and I hope to be back there in the Fall working on my next project: The Grandmother Spirit.


Ellen Anon
2007-06-01 10:29:32
Congratulations on the award. I'll look forward to hearing about and seeing your next project as well.

David Day
2007-06-07 16:22:43
This is a "feature" that I have wanted to see in Ap for a LONG time...and it worked for me at least ONCE after I read your blog. But now, as I tried to do it today while working on a project, could NOT get it to zoom more than three images. Thinking it might be RAM related, I closed everything but Ap and it still would not work (I have a 2G, 2.66MH, MacPro)....any ideas?