Beautiful Code Panel at Powell's Tech

by chromatic

Next week is OSCON, so there will be plenty of wonderful programmers in Portland. We're taking advantage of this to host a Beautiful Code discussion panel at Powell's Technical Books, just across the river from the conference.

The panel will consist of the Beautiful Code contributors Karl Fogel, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Simon Peyton-Jones, and Andy Oram. Ward Cunningham will moderate, and I'll chip in where I can.

I have my copy of the book already and I'm trying to figure out what to say that isn't already in there... I'm really looking forward to hearing what Ward and the other panelists have to say.

Even if you're not an OSCON or Ubuntu Live attendee, you're welcome at the panel. I hope to see you there.


Matt Doar
2007-07-19 16:50:56
Ask them who else they would ask for Volume 2.
2007-07-24 16:38:17
It seems on perusing the book info that nothing was done in Perl. Not that that "matters" but it would have been nice.
2007-07-24 16:39:28

Except for the "BioPerl" doh!

2007-07-24 19:29:54
@Robert, I talked to Andy Oram about this as the book was going to production, and (I believe that) he said that they contacted several well-known Perl hackers, but most didn't have time to meet a short deadline. I'm sure there's a huge list of authors for a potential second volume.