Befriend a F/LOSS Project on MySpace

by chromatic

A little tip flew by Planet Python the other day that Django has joined MySpace.

If a band can join a social networking site and get friends and a celebrity can have a handler join and get lots of friends and if a soft drink or any other form of advertising can join, why not a free software project?

(What's next? Orkut had groups such as "I love (Perl|Python|Lisp)" and "I hate (Perl|Python|Lisp|Java)". Will there be anti-project competitions?)

Here's Django on Myspace. What other projects are there?


2006-09-18 09:03:07
myspce isent bad and it need to be unblocked in school it is hurting nothing.
ashley jones
2006-12-01 06:32:33
i think that they should let us on myspace at skool!!! because some kids that have a myspace can't get on at skool
2007-01-23 13:33:57
Tell me how to unblock myspace
2007-01-26 05:39:21
let me go to web
2007-01-26 10:13:13
they need to unblock this stuff on myspace cuz u b really needing to get on and they blocked now at my shcool o.t. bonner but this my last year but still they need to unblock this mess
2007-02-04 19:22:31
well i am a boarder and i live on the campus!!
and we also cant get access to myspace ana i need help cause thsat is the only thing that i usually do!!!
i need ur help
2007-03-13 07:09:20
see i think that they need to unblock myspace at skool cause im in skool right now and not all proxy's would let me get in! i mean cum on wats so bad with myspace. nuttin is wrong. i have freinds and familly that i talk to on myspace and now that its blocked i cant talk to them!
2008-03-26 09:42:17
can i please get on myspace
2008-04-17 05:25:42
this really sucks that im in comouter class right niw and i cant get into myspace no more.. now that i have things to do after school i cant really check my myspace.. tell us a clean website so that we can gbet throug to myspace.....
2008-04-25 06:58:20
can you get me on it pls