Beginner's Luck: The Seductive Lure of Lightroom's Develop Module

by Colleen Wheeler

Did you ever sit down to diligently apply keywords to your images in Lightroom's Library module, only to be distracted by a particular shot that you just know could really be made fabulous with just a few tweaks in the Develop module. It's just a click away, it will only take a second, and then...well, there go all your good asset-managing intentions, because the Develop module, in all its creativity-satisfying splendor, as lured you in. I'm thinking about creating a keyword called "later" which would basically mean "finish what you're doing now and play in the Develop module later. You're not going to remember where in Ireland you shot this pub sign forever. "

In the latest excerpt from Photoshop Lightroom Adventure in the Inside Lightroom Getting Started section, Mikkel Aaland introduces you to the siren-song-singing Develop module and all its wiles. And speaking of instant gratification, you no longer have to wait until later if you like what you read. The book is in stock and inspiring desire of its own.


Andy Berdan
2007-08-02 12:45:15
I started the same way as you suggest, using a label named '*TODO*', but I've since switched to using the colour system for my TODO list.

I use one colour for 'keywording needed', 'colour correction needed', 'in-depth editing needed', 'review needed / possible deletion' and 'ready for publishing' An absence of colour, for me, means 'freshly imported.'

In this way, I can keep my keywords associated with the content of the picture, and the colour system associated with the status of the picture. It tends to keep me focused.

Colleen Wheeler
2007-08-02 12:52:43
Oooh. I like your idea better. Then pick the color task that best suits my current frame of mind. Fun tip, Andy.


2007-08-02 13:24:37
Actually I keep reading it's for sale and Amazon keeps emailing to say "September", which is kinda weird
Colleen Wheeler
2007-08-02 13:45:57
Jay, I looked today and Amazon says "in-stock." Are you still getting those weird September messages. Are they something that happens after you actually order it?
Rick Hannon
2007-08-06 12:23:42
What works best for me in the situation that Colleen describes is to create a Collection called "Catalog Next", etc. When I'm on top of things the last import collection works too.