Beginner's Luck: Useful Drag and Drop to Lightroom

by Colleen Wheeler

Bridge to LR blog.jpg

I love learning things in the books I'm editing that even the uber-gurus around me didn't know yet. Here's one I got to spring on Derrick, who was contemplating his new-found respect for Bridge 2.0 and wishing out loud that you could drag and drop single images from Bridge into Lightroom. Well, having just done finishing touches on page 3 of Mikkel's book, I could enthusiastically announce that you can. Couldn't be simpler, drag the image from Bridge and drop it on the Lightroom icon. Lightroom launches and imports the file in question with the standard Import Photos dialog box. It works from the Finder or the desktop, as well. Score one for the rookie who at least knows which books to read. Photoshop Lightroom Adventure, proven to make you look smart.


Ben Mooney
2007-05-24 11:50:51
I noticed this the other day too. Another helpful feature at least to windows user is to add the lightroom shortcut to their sendto folder. This way when they right can click on a folder or image and send it to lightroom. Do a web search on adding file to sendto folder...
Colleen Wheeler
2007-05-24 16:05:15
Cool, Ben. I'm currently using Lightroom in a Window-less environment. Does it launch the Import Photos dialog box?