Behind the Posting: The MacBlog True Life Story

by Erica Sadun

Subject: Tarsiers ate my post
Erica Sadun wrote:

My "Copying YouTube Videos Part II" post seems to have been abducted by wayward tarsiers. Any idea where they may have taken it?

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2006-05-26 10:39:40
Ok, that's it. Drivel. Buh-bye O'Reilly.

2006-05-26 10:51:16
stupid posts ate my newsreader.

2006-05-26 11:44:13
What a shame. This USED to be a great site. Now we get fictitious stories about rogue Tarsiers. Sad.

So long O'Reilly.

2006-05-26 12:42:03
ummm can someone PLEASE show this chick the door?!? If she wants to post useless nonsense, she should USE HER OWN DAMNED BLOG! Her posts as of late have about ZILCHO to do with Mac Development, much less garner any interest whatsoever.

What a waste of electrons.

2006-05-26 14:41:33
Wow, I for one welcome our new cheesy snack flinging overlords. I don't know what's up with that grouch Anony Mouse fellow. Maybe it was the rodent comment.

Much fun. Thanks for the levity.

2006-05-26 21:27:49
Sorry, in my view this sort of stuff doesn't belong here. It's MacDevCenter, not whatever-this-post-is-about-center. It may be posted as "Opinion" but this is still MDC and this has nothing to do with what this place is about as far as I can tell.
2006-05-28 11:18:25
Pul-lease!! Y'all are giving "Anonymous" a bad name! If you can't bother to read the context -- i.e., that this is a BLOG posting under the O'Reilly MacDev WEBLOGS tab. See up there at the top of the page? Right between the "Articles" and "Books" tabs? There's more things in this realm than your narrow little philosophy can apparently deal with! And even the RSS feed title for this page included the string "blog". Plenty of clues for the RSS user to click past without bothering to read it.

A better way to handle your expectations colliding with O'Reilly's intent to serve up a smorgasborg of articles, blogs, and books would be to bombard the O'Reilly folks with requests for more targeted RSS feeds, so that y'all might be able to narrow down the content a bit.

In any event, ranting at the blogger for blogging on an O'Reilly blog site will neither improve your experience nor change the options available to you. If you'd like things to change, merely address the correct people with your requests.

But personally, I hope they also keep an RSS feed of just the way things are at the present, 'cause I likes a bit of diversion now and then.

And pul-lease read the entire page before whining about inappropriate content.

Whining about a site that is exactly what it purports to be, and not what you expect it to be only makes you look like idiots.

2006-05-28 15:50:30
My vote is to give me the option to NOT include blog posts in the RSS feed.

And hey, since it's just blog posts that can have nothing to do Macs or Mac Development (tarsiers? wtf?), then they should just open it up to anyone who wants a blog. If it's okay to post something like this on a MacDevCenter Blog, then why not open it to anyone to post anything? Why even have different blog categories (MacDevCenter, Java, LinuxDevCenter, XML, etc)?

2006-09-14 10:47:13
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2006-11-30 21:08:53
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