Best Applet of the 2002 World Series

by William Grosso

Related link:

Amidst all the Java doom and gloom that's gone round recently, it's good to see an absolutely beautiful use of a simple applet. So go to the above URL, and look for the "ScoreCast" link.

Note that this is a very simple use of an advanced technology-- lots of people could write this applet. And note that this applet is about information delivery, not about fancy graphics or complex animations. It's a simple, clear, easy to understand GUI that tells me everything that's going on in the baseball game, as the game is being played.

I'm impressed.

Seen any great applets lately?


2002-10-23 19:02:50
Another baseball link
I used mlb's version which also shows the strike zone and about where the pitch was. Very nice, but don't tell too many people at work about it or the network admin's will come looking for you
2002-10-27 17:43:24
Another baseball link
You're right. That's even better.