Better keywords in iPhoto 6

by Giles Turnbull

The first thing you need to know is that iPhoto Keyword Assistant has been updated, and the new 1.9 release supports iPhoto 6 (but not on Intel-powered machines).

I've been looking forward to this, because it means I can finally put some effort into tagging my huge photo keywords backlog.

Thanks to iPhoto 6's improved performance, I'm much more willing to invest time in my digital photography collection. While I like the idea of tagging data generally, I've not used iPhoto's keywords feature to date, simply because the interface for doing so was so difficult and time-consuming to use.


Brian M. Criscuolo
2006-02-08 06:46:11

The only problem I've found with using a smart album like you describe is that if you don't add *all* your keywords to a photo at the same time you'll lose the photo from the album as soon as you make your change. It makes it hard to get back to it to add another keyword.

I switched to picking a two dates and creating a smart album of photos between them. I do my edits/keywording/etc and then switch the dates to a new range. If I choose small time spans the job isn't too daunting.