Better Living Through Metadata Presets

by David Miller

After playing around with Lightroom you’ll grow familiar with its two faces: the first is that of a management & cataloging application (the Library module), the other is akin to an image editor (the Develop module). While I—and I’m sure I suffer from the same problem that afflicts most readers of this site—rarely have problems finding the time to adjust my images in the Develop module to make them look better, I almost always have problems finding the time to properly assign keywords and other metadata in the Library module. I’d like to think that it’s not my fault: humans are hard–wired to give priority to what we see (especially when we’re paying the bills with our sense of vision), and given the choice between looking at something and cataloging it, well… we both know which of the two options will be given priority.

Luckily, Lightroom can ease the burden in entering the same metadata information when importing your photos. In addition to initiating the development process when importing, you can also create metadata presets to save yourself from going back through your photos and appying the same metadata over and over again (Lightroom’s Sync tool can relieve some of the burden of having to apply the same metadata over and over to different photos).


2007-08-22 12:55:41
I imported a geotagged jpg-file in Lightroom 1.1. Why does it not show the GPS data (there is not even such a field in the metadata section)? Have I missed anything?


2007-08-22 13:39:55
I have yet to play around with captured GPS information in Lightroom since I don't have a receiver, but take a quick look here for some advice.

2007-09-10 12:08:12
Thanks (been there ...)

Meanwhile it seems to work ... dunno why and how ...