Big Blue publicly backs Aspect Orientation in their future toolsets

by Russell Miles

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IBM have announced that AO is ready for the commercial world and that their tools will formally support the approach in the next year or so.

It has already been noted recently in these blogs that Google is certainly advertising for expertise in this area and touting that they have some of this in-house already, but formal recognition from the company heading up one of the most mature implementations is really a milestone achievement for the technology and the approach.

This is a full hats off milestone to the guys that have worked on AspectJ and generally to everyone involved on all the steps on the road to getting the aspect oriented approach into the mainstream. I would like to offer my own thanks to all involved on these technologies and that I am truly happy to see hard earnt recognition being applied to AO and particularly everyone who has been working on AspectJ.

Now it's time to help out all the other implementations of AO like Aspectwerkz and AspectC to get the recognition they deserve by aiding in their route towards maturity. Anyone know of any other tools/IDE's/companies who have formally recognised AO as a strategy for their development? It's be really useful to hear of any success stories with AO from whatever platform you are using.