Big Heads of the Bayon and low tech special effects.

by George Mann


While photographing the giant heads of the Bayon temple of Angkor Thom a few days ago, I remembered that I had recently found and put a few of my old special effects filters from the 1970s into my camera bag. I know that we are now all used to doing all our special effects work with Photoshop, but the Spectralstar defraction grating filter was very popular in it's day. I hope you enjoy this Retro effects blast from the past.


Although Angkor Wat (a Hindu temple built in the early 12th Century) is the most popular and most visited temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the most visually (and photographically) striking temple in the Angkor Archaeological Park is the Bayon temple with it's giant faces and many stone carvings on the walls depicting battle scenes from wars and many facets of every day life.


Bayon is the main temple in the walled and moated city of Angkor Thom which was the last capital of the Angkor Empire and was built during the later part of the 12th Century and the earlier part of the 13th Century by the Buddhist King Jayavarman VII and his successor Jayavarman VIII.

All images are processed in Lightroom with very slight adjustments to Color Temperature, Fill Light, Recovery, Clarity, and Vibrance.