Big Image Transfers with Gmail

by Derrick Story

In my last TDS podcast, I discussed some of my favorite plug-ins for Aperture. One of them, Aperture2Gmail, enables me to send images directly from my Aperture library using my Gmail account. It's so convenient. I never leave the Aperture environment as I shoot off pictures to clients and friends.

Right after I published that show, Gmail upped the ante by increasing its attachment size to a whopping 20 MBs. Now I can send any file, and sometimes even more, directly from Aperture. Very nice...


2007-05-25 19:57:35
I assume I need to tell aperture about my gmail account before I download this plug-in?Where can I get the steps for activating gmail within Aperture? (Right now I have Mail set up as my email app of choice in Aperture. I would like Mail to be my primary email app but I also have a gmail account.)

I listened to your podcast. I may have missed your explanation of exactly how to set this up.

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.

2007-05-26 14:51:32
Just wanted to note that the current versions of Aperture2Gmail and iPhoto2Gmail do not yet "know about" the increased limit and will not let you send out messages larger than 10MB. I'll address this in an update soon.

To use Aperture2Gmail, you only need to download and run the installer. Then, when you choose Export (or control-click), Aperture2Gmail will appear as an option in the Context-Menu...

2007-05-27 13:57:31
Actually, Marie, you load the plug-in, launch Aperture, select a picture, go to Export, choose the plug-in, and you enter your Gmail info then. It couldn't be easier :)