Bill Frakes and AUPN at the Apple Store SoHo

by Charlie Miller

I attended a presentation by sports photographer Bill Frakes last night at the Apple Store SoHo in New York City. The event was presented by the Aperture Users Professional Network (AUPN), a user association and advocate group that supports photographers who use Aperture.

Bill presented selections of his work for Sports Illustrated, running the slideshows directly from Aperture. The photos were fantastic, and what was particularly nice was how he had set up custom Slideshow presets with iTunes music picked for each one. This allowed him to select an Album, click on "Slideshow", and then pick the appropriate preset to start a slideshow with predefined music.

Bill's inventory list is impressive too: he travels with a 17" MacBook Pro. In his studio he has four Xserves attached to Xserve RAIDs running Xsan. He uses custom Automator workflows to import from 16 Lexar card readers and burn multiple DVDs. He uses PhotoShelter to archive his images online. Bill said this workflow takes a lot of discipline and it takes a lot of time but it's worth it. More information about Bill's workflow is detailed in this podcast and his profile on the Aperture website.

After Bill's presentation, David Schloss, the Exectutive Director of AUPN, gave a nice introductory demonstration of Aperture, tailoring it to the folks in the crowd who aren't currently Aperture users. AUPN provides education, training and support for Aperture users; their site offers free access to articles, blogs, and forums, and an optional paid membership provides hardware/software discounts and access to additional resources.


Bakari C
2007-04-17 16:23:14
Like that idea of slide show presets with selected music. Nice time safer.
2007-04-17 16:57:20
He gave a similar presentation to the University of Florida chapter of the NPPA last week. You can watch an archived Webcast of the event.