Bill Gates Confronts the Future in 1989

by Preston Gralla

What did the PC future look like back in 1989? Take a trip in the Wayback Machine in this speech from Bill Gates. Gates and his execs should listen to it as well, because there's an unintended warning in it for the future of MIcrosoft.


M. David Peterson
2007-03-29 17:27:39
>> So perhaps this speech should be a must-listen for the current generation of Microsoft execs, as a reminder that it's time to build a leaner, faster-moving company. <<

Good point! It seems to me the way to do this is to follow Apples lead and build a leaner, faster-moving operating system. If not mistaken, Apple seems to be on the 2 > 2.5 year cycle, and has been since the first release of OSX. MSFT needs to do this exact same thing. If not mistaken, the way they do this is to make hard decisions in regards to features they know they can deliver as promised, and the over deliver if possible. Vista came in at 5 years and underdelivered. The next release *MUST* be the opposite, or they will lose.