BillG Has Left the Building - Will Microsoft Become Friendlier with Open Source?

by Todd Ogasawara

When I saw this ZDNet blog headline in my RSS feed the other day...

ZDNet - Dana Blankenhorn & Paula Rooney: Will Bill Gates’ departure usher in open source friendly era at Microsoft? first thought was: Here we go again, another uninformed opinion. But, if you've opened the link in another tab and read their blog item already, you know that this was not the case. It was just a good attention grabbing blog title with some interesting quotes from players in the Open Source community.

My gut instinct is that Microsoft's Open Source strategy will continue to follow the trajectory we've seen for the past three years or so. Like any complex undertaking, there will be three steps forward with the occasional two steps back every now and then.


2008-06-30 06:05:34
I've been waiting to see what happens with their open source strategy as well, I'm all for it.

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Jack Smith
2008-07-03 03:39:49
i don´t think microsoft is become friendlier because big bill has truely left the building yet but the business is managed for a long time by mr. balmer, bill is a long time not more so active...

but i hope i´m wrong, it would be great to see microsoft is shipping on the right path

Jack @ PartnerSuche

2008-07-06 08:35:16
MS hates open source because it conflicts with their standard business strategy - buy out the competition, and convert their source to a vendor-lockin model.