Bis Salutations et felicitations

by Uche Ogbuji

Saturday, November 9, 2002 was my first Weblog entry, right here on O'Reilly Network. In 2005 I started using my personal Weblog Copia and soon I was posting exclusively there. On Copia I post on everything from music to literature to politics to technology, and I've long wanted to find a way to primarily post my tech writings here on O'Reilly Network, while having this aggregated with my other personae on Copia. This, "personal aggregation" as I call it, is one of the motivations for me to move from the PyBlosxom platform of Copia to a new one I'm building from scratch, with a few other co-developers. Bright Content (I don't yet want to link to it because i think it's not entirely ready for any attention) is a Weblogging system that embodies much of my long-standing interests in technology architecture relating to content.

But I'll talk more about that project later. Meanwhile I'll start the process of moving my technological Weblogging persona back to this Weblog, while 'll continue with other topics on Copia. It's actually good timing for a different reason: after a separate one-year hiatus I recently renewed my agile Web column with the new article Introducing OpenSearch, a topic I chose in large part because of the resonance of OpenSearch with my philosophy of content technology. I look forward to continuing my conversations with you, through my articles and Weblog entries on this site.


M. David Peterson
2007-08-07 08:51:48
Welcome back, Uche! For obvious reasons, you're presence has been missed!