BitTorrent the newest whipping boy for Piracy

by Steve Mallett

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I know you won't believe this, but copies of The Matrix: Reloaded are available on the internet. I know, I couldn't believe it either.

There's an article on the BBC News site running now that reads:
A high-quality copy of the film is being downloaded by hundreds of people each day via a website which uses the file-sharing computer program BitTorrent.

The availability of the film online will come as a blow to executives who co-ordinated a worldwide release of the film in an attempt to thwart piracy.

I'm sure they are as blown away as I am.

Then this article was noted on the dot. Now it appears, in my limited understanding of BitTorrent, that the central trackers needed by BitTorrent are swamped with, you guessed it, people downloading the movie. From BitTorrent's FAQ:
I get an error message starting with 'problem connecting to tracker', what should I do?

The tracker for the one particular file you're trying to download is probably down. Try to download again later.

Shssh. Is there anything slashdot can't, well, slashdot?

Aside from the humor of this BitTorrent is now the newest whipping boy for piracy it seems. I just wish more people would hurry up and use it. I saw Reloaded already & wanted to review the bit where Neo met the architect of the matrix. Get to work people. The least you could do is become the threat you're accused of being.

Update: It appears that a number of sites that normally host .torrent files have pulled them because of the clear and present danger the BBC and the subsequent Slashdot article have caused webserver owner's wallets in term of bandwidth charges:

UPDATE: Downloads Section has been de-activated. . . . the /. story along with the bogus BBC story have left me with no choice at the moment. . . . i plan to bring them back, but right now all the money that goes to this site comes from my pocket, and to be honest, the pocket is getting a bit low with the bandwith these stories produce. Some people have asked how they can donate to the site. This is someting that i cannot allow, i believe that sites like this should be free, so i will not accept any money. . . . thanks anyway. As far as the downloads go, we are going to wait this one out. . . when the scene cools off a bit, we will be back. . . . Thanks again. . . . We will keep you up-to-date as things progress. . . .

"Where did all the bittorrents GO?" I know this is the question in all of your minds. . . . well, blame the media. . . . BBC has reported a completely bogus story about the pirateing of Matrix Reloaded. . .

This has caused alot of panic in the BT community. . . even though most of the story is just made up. . . and NO, there is no version of the Matrix Reloaded that is the quality that this story claims. . . so dont ask. . . We will stay online for as long as possible, everyone is keeping there heads low at the moment. . . . We hope the whole community can pull though. . . . wish us luck.

Are you using BitTorrent? Email me your link?