Blackbox for Windows!

by Dustin Puryear

Wow, apparently Blackbox has been available for Windows for a while now, but I didn’t know it. If you aren’t familiar with Blackbox, it’s a Window Manager (WM) for X. You can compare an X Window Manager to the Windows Explorer. It’s the desktop interface that sits on top of the UI engine.

There are about as many WMs for X as there are stars in the sky, and each one is geared for people that have different needs. KDE (which is a WM+environment) is for those that need a full-featured interface with applications that have a consistent look&feel. Ditto for GNOME. WMs like Blackbox are built for speed. You can quickly access your applications, control the UI, etc., but it’s not heavy like KDE, GNOME, or.. Windows Explorer.

I may have to try this.

Essentially, Blackbox for Windows (bb4win) is a port of BB and can act as a replacement for Windows Explorer. That is, the Windows UI you are used to goes away and you get BB instead.

Have you tried this? Hmm, I may just check it out.

Here are some screenshots.