Blackhat et al

by Justin Clarke

Its getting to that time of year when thousands of security professionals and hackers congregate in Las Vegas for the Blackhat and Defcon conferences. My company is generously sending me and a few colleagues to Sin City to attend :-)

The Blackhat line up is pretty strong, and this year features a lot of web application security talks (as summarised here by Jeremiah Grossman). You might spot me there on the speaking list for the Oedipus talk, but I'm not actually going to be speaking this year.

As for EuSecWest earlier this year, I am going to blog a bit of detail about the talks that I make it to - its probably fair to say that these are going to lean heavilly towards the web application security side. I am also going to be attending Defcon, and am looking forward to catching up with a lot of people who don't really ever go to something quite as commercial as Blackhat.

So, if you're in Vegas for Blackhat or Defcon, and interested in catching up, drop me an email. I will probably be at the Shadow Bar at Caesar's on Wednesday night meeting other members of the webappsec mailing list, and otherwise will be around from the 1st to the 7th of August.


2006-07-10 11:41:18
Actually this is the 'Web Application Security Consortium' meeting posted to 'The Web Security Mailing List'