Blip Messaging Explained

by M. David Peterson

Russ has pulled together a FANTASTIC comparison overview of Blip Messaging and Email,

// @author - Home - Got email? I'd rather have a BLIP...

At the heart of LLUP is the BLIP. The BLIP is a piece of content, declared in a standard way using XML, that specifies four main things:

* A reference
A pointer to the content that the BLIP describes.
* A lifetime
How long the BLIP will be relevant for.
* Relevancy
Listed as keywords by a defined or undefined vocabulary. Can also include a signature or signatures of those who should receive the BLIP.
* Signature
A means of signing the message by the message sender.

There's more at the above linked reference.

Thanks Russ!


James Hales
2006-08-01 04:44:13
Nice find. I like how it is built on top of existing systems, such as email, so it should be fairly easy to start using a system such as this, i.e. by installing a plugin for your email client.
M. David Peterson
2006-08-01 05:14:22
Hey James,

In fact thats exactly what the focus has been since the day I approached Russ with this general idea to gain his feedback. Its been our focus since day one -- build on top of what already exists, don't reinvent ANYTHING, and only add to what already exists those pieces that can not be scrapped together by some other means.

In case you have extended interest in getting involved, you can join the LLUP Google Group ( ) -- the publicly accessible archive, of which, has LOTS more details as to where things currently are, and where they are headed. Would be GREAT to find you taking interest in helping to continue to shape and form this project, as would it anybody else who reads this and would like to get involved. We haven't made any formal announcements at this stage as to the details of all of this, but we plan to shortly.

In the mean time... you know where to find us :D