Blog Comments and Aggressive Spam Filters

by Bruce Stewart

In our ongoing battle against comment spam at O'Reilly we recently made some changes to the comment filtering system we use on our blogs, which had the unintended consequence of blocking a significant amount of legitimate comments from showing up. So if you've recently commented on a blog post here, but haven't seen your comment go live, that's why. (We never censor legitimate and appropriate comments).

We're currently fine-tuning the system, and manually searching for any legitimate mis-categorized comments. We think we've found and posted most, if not all, of the missing comments from the past week or two, but if you experience any probems with our blog commenting system please feel free to drop me a note.


2006-11-01 07:59:27
Hmm, no comments yet...
I posted a reply to 'ADC on iTunes' last week, but it hasn't shown up yet.
Bruce Stewart
2006-11-01 14:56:50
Hi Patrick,

Your comments should be there now. It's been quite a chore sifting through thousands of spam comments to find the real ones! We're still fine-tuning the system, but there's a process in place now to try and catch all of these very soon after it happens.

2007-05-23 15:12:51
Hola all

How I can change avatar in this forum?