Blog tools and stuff

by Anton Chuvakin

Also, I've been playing with various blog tools and the more I do it, the more I think that O'Reilly should upgrade the blogging system...

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2005-12-20 10:15:27
This system was pretty cool several years ago.
But compared to Movable Type or WordPress, there are almost zero options.

Text formatting is difficult, uploading images is even harder. Page layout is nearly impossible.

2005-12-20 11:01:35
I think not being able to do anything about page layout is entirely intentional, given that we’re talking about the “O’Reilly Network Weblogs.”
2005-12-20 22:04:45
Two major features missing from this system, which I've been complaining about very sporadically for several years, are:

1. The ability to "preview" your post

2. The ability to "edit" your post

Both allow you to catch, or retroactively fix, dumb and embarrassing errors. Right now, they stick. Grr.

Also nice would be the ability to get notified of any replies (as happens in LiveJournal for example, the seemingly uncool blogverse no one ever mentions :)

2005-12-20 22:09:50
Another idea
Also nice would be the URL field or other ways to let people know of one's website when posting. I think I've seen this on an ORA site recently, but I can't locate it quickly right now.